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Snakes Control
In Singapore, there are estimated around 55 species of snakes with majority of them being non-venomous. Estimated there are as many as 55 species of snakes in Singapore and majority are non-venomous.

The most common snakes in Singapore:

Reticulated Python
House Snake
Spitting Cobra

Know Your Pest
Pests are used to refer to insects and wildlife when these animals had become troublesome .....
Effective Snakes Treatment By ProServ Pest Control
•  Inspection of premises for presence of snake
•  Capture of snake alive with Snake handling equipment
•  Laying of sulphur flakes at perimeter
•  Recommendation structural improvements to minimize snake invasion

Need help to get rid of snake infestations?

Consult us at +65 67462278 or email: for our NEA certified rodent specialists to assist you in exterminating them and prevent future occurrences.

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