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Acrobat Ant

Ants Control

You can find ants everywhere. Ants are probably one of the least expected insects...

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bed bug

Bed Bugs Control

Bedbugs were at one time a common pest of the slum and other poor properties...

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Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches or roaches are an extremely successful group of insects...

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Mosquitoes Control

Mosquitoes are insects with mouthparts modified for piercing the skin...

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house mice

Rodents Control

Rodents are considered a worldwide pest for industrial, commercial...

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Snakes Control

In Singapore, there are estimated around 55 species of snakes...

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Termites Control

Termites are small, soft bodied, usually pale colored insects...

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Ticks & Fleas Control

One of the most widely distributed ticks in the world is Dog Ticks...

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Proserv disinfection services cover areas like rooms, drains, vehicles, garments etc...

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aedes mosquitoes control

Aedes Mosquito Control

The Aedes mosquito is one of the most prominent insects in Singapore...

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Coronavirus Control

Coronavirus Control

Coronavirus can create diseases in mammals and birds. The coronavirus disease...

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The vast majority of termite species occur in the tropics. Like ants...

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dormitory pest control

Dormitory Pest Control

Singapore has a warm, humid climate, making it susceptible to pests...

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construction pest control

Construction Pest Control

You can find pests in the building and construction sites. As they often go...

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bee control

Bee Control

ProServ Pest professional wearing full personal protection equipment...

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