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Household & Dormitory Pest Control

Singapore has a warm, humid climate, making it susceptible to pests. However, it is not only the summer season where you can have the pests in abundance. You can also find them in the winter season.

Bed bugs, ants, termites, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are some of the common pests that you’ll find in Singapore.

1. Bed Bugs

The phenomenon of bed bugs did not remain much common in Singapore for decades, but from the last year, they have emerged as well. And people have been suspicious about their presence on their beds. Everyone is scared to have them back and looks for every sign that might mark their presence. The problem is that the bed bugs are easily transferable. No matter how hygienic the environment you maintain at your home, you can always get them from other places and transmit them to your bed unknowingly. Cinemas or hotel rooms recycled furniture are common sources from where you can bring the bed bugs to your place.

If your neighbors have bed bugs, it is essential that you must inspect your property as well. You will likely find them at your place too. They are not harmful as they do not carry disease but accuse allergies and itchy skin. Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy as they are not only in your bed but can be found anywhere where they find a dark room to spend time. So be careful about it.

2. Termites

Termites are dangerous pests that can impact the bases of your house. They can eat the wood furniture and damage interior walls. They can cause all this damage while staying hidden. They usually surface on the outside when the damage from the inside has already been done.

According to the estimates, the damage from Termites has accused over 5 billion dollars’ worth in the United States. IF you see these signs, you must actively look for a termite inspection of your home: buckling wood, swollen floors, or ceilings. You might try putting the affected furniture in the sunlight. It might work but will require longer, and there is no guarantee. So, it is better to seek professional help timely.

3. Flying Ants

The flying ants can be considered members of both the termite and the ant family. When you want to be sure from which family it belongs, you have to check it closely. If the waist of the insect is straight, it is termite. Otherwise, it is an ant. Similarly, if you find the wings of unequal length, it is an ant; otherwise, it is a termite. No matter from which category it belongs, you should know that it is a queen looking for a reproduction and nesting site. So, it is better to get rid of them as early as possible. Using little peppermint oil on infested areas might help in this regard.

4. Cockroaches

These are the pests of the dirty environment. So, you can avoid them in the first place by keeping your place clean and organized. Cockroaches can usually find nooks and corners of your home or building to hide, so make sure you clean each of them regularly, or the cockroaches will make a home for themselves. Besides, make sure there are no food particles on the floors or counters; otherwise, they are most likely to occur. Even when disposing of the food particle, make sure you do it in a closed bin as you wouldn’t want the cockroaches in your home anyway.

5. Mosquitoes

World Health Organization regards mosquitoes as the deadliest animals in the world. They are responsible for killing millions of people around the world by spreading diseases like malaria, dengue, zika, and yellow fever. Aedes mosquito is responsible for all of them. Unfortunately, we can find this mosquito in Singapore too. The last dengue outbreak occurred in 2013, and since then, things have been put in place to avoid their breeding. You have to make sure that there are no such places where the mosquitos can breed in large quantities creating problems. So, make sure there is no stagnant water anywhere at your place. Only then can you expect a safe place for yourself.

6. Rodents/ Rats

You can find rodents where food, water, and shelter are abundant. Poor waste management in Singapore provides the best breeding ground for rodents. The rodents and their droppings are responsible for creating multiple diseases in humans. So, it is better to manage the area from where rodents can get their food. With no such places available, we can get rid of these pests. Thus, we all must focus on keeping our environment clean and disposing of the waste as it should be.

Proserv Pest

If you have any of these pests at your place or want us to inspect your place for you, we can do so. We have complete pest management services in Singapore that can let you have a peaceful night’s sleep.

We have a trained staff who is specially trained to ensure no pest is left at your place. Our quality service ensures your health and safety. So, whether it is a commercial facility or your home, you can always call us, and we can provide you with complete pest management services in Singapore.

Household and Dormitory pest control Singapore
Household pest control Singapore
Dormitory pest Singapore
Dormitory pest Singapore
Household and Dormitory Pest Control Singapore
Dormitory pest Singapore

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