Bee Removal Services

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How to get rid of bees:

Relocate the bee colony

We might need to replace your trees, bushes, or sheds to ensure that the bee nests are far from you and your place, thus posing you lesser risks.

Our bee control/ bee removal solutions can help you in every situation, irrespective of the extent of the infestation.


We also work as bee exterminator Singapore, but that is only possible if we can close the entrance; otherwise, we’ll have to employ the other bee removal procedures in Singapore. A trained Pest Control Professionals do all such assessments. Our team can inspect your particular situation and guide you about the best option you have.

The other solutions that can be applied for bee control Singapore include insecticides (for commercial use only).

Blocking Entry Points

For effective bee removal Singapore, we must block the entrance points and remove the honeycombs. Failure to do so can let the honey bee take control of the hive and take the honey back to their hives for contamination, which isn’t one of the required things on our list. So, we ensure that everything is dealt with utmost care.

Mortar Repointing

For solitary/masonry bees, in the long term, re-pointing with sound mortar is the only real option and requires a thorough job, as bees hunting for a nest site will soon locate areas that have been missed.

Setting up a beehive and that too in many quantities near your home or the office building can lead to serious consequences. Bees usually consider humans their enemies and often attack if somebody gets close to the beehives. If your office building or home is in the way, you cannot avoid the place. In such a situation, hiring the bee removal Singapore Company is the only option left.

You have to hire the bee exterminator Singapore to remove the beehives and the bee from your way. You might not have seen the adverse is of the bees and have been avoiding the removal considering it a home of the bees too. But the more time you take in making the decision, the more entrenched the bee families get in the area, and then coexistence with bees becomes a problem, and so is their removal.

So, it is better to take steps well in time to keep the injuries, and the cost spent on the removal on the lower side of the continuum.

What services do we offer, and what makes us special?

At ProServ Pest, the following service features will provide you the guarantee of quality service:

We have an expert staff to handle the bee removal in Singapore with utmost care. No matter what method we have to utilize, we can do it with great efficiency.

We respond to your calls timely, understanding the problem at hand so that you can get our help even in case of emergencies.

We are affordable. Depending on your situation, we can provide the bee control program at a reasonable rate.

Our staff can also offer you some practical tips to avoid such a problem, so it is not only a one-time bee solution when you get in touch with ProServ Pest.


What are the different methods to get rid of the bees?

There are four main methods that we use at ProServ Pest to eliminate bees from the surrounding:

  • Extermination
  • Blocking Entry Points
  • Mortar Repointing

How long can it take for the bee control Singapore?

The exact answer to this question is only possible when our team visits your site. We’ll understand the extent of the problem and ways we can cater to it. Only then can we provide you with the estimated time for bee removal. But please consider that it will still be estimated time, and we might take longer.

Can honey bees be dangerous?

Yes, they are dangerous. The sting from the honey bee is known for the pain it causes. Besides, it can swell the entire muscle too. In some cases, poisonous honey bees might create infections in your body, too, for which you might need immediate help.

Are honeybees aggressive to a human?

No, by nature they are docile. But if you attack them in any way, they become hostile towards you and usually attack by stinging. You’ll observe two-guard bees around the hive if you are close to the beehive. They are very aggressive, and any movement towards them can make them attack you.

Beehive services Singapore
Beehive services Singapore
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