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Mosquitoes are insects with mouthparts modified for piercing the skin and sucking blood (female only). They are distributed throughout the world from the tropics to the arctic regions. Eggs are laid in or near water (Fresh, brackish or stagnant depending on the species). The larval and pupa stages live in water, both moving actively in the water and frequently coming to the surface to breathe. Mosquito fumigation and mosquito fogging are the most commonly used methods by mosquito pest control companies in Singapore.

The three main types of mosquito breeding in Singapore are:

As female mosquitoes need a blood meal for the protein content before the laying of viable eggs, humans are often annoyed by their presence as their bites cause irritation and swelling and most importantly, the diseases transmitted by some of the species can be life-threatening!

One such disease transmitted by the Aedes mosquitoes is dengue and it is a persistent problem in tropical Singapore. Besides dengue, Aedes mosquitoes also transmit Chikungunya. Culex mosquitoes are known to transmit Encephalitis while Malaria is transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes. Mosquito fogging can be used regularly to control the mosquito population.

Thus, it is very important to take routine steps to prevent your house from becoming a mosquito breeding ground. Ensure that there are no stagnate water building up in areas such as plant pot plates, pills, gully traps, etc.

  • Aedes Mosquitoes ( Aegypti or Albopictus )
  • Culex Mosquitoes ( Quinquefusciatus )
  • Anopheles Mosquitoes

Effective Mosquito Breeding Treatment By ProServ Pest Control

  • Initial pest infestation inspection
  • Conduct larvaciding ( Oiling or Abate ) to areas with stagnant water
  • Conduct water-base or thermal fogging to the surrounding
  • Conduct outdoor misting or mosquito fumigation
  • Conduct barrier treatment (Optional)
  • Recommendations of structure improvements to further prevent water collection that provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Need to ensure safe environment for your loved ones from mosquitoes?

Mosquito pest control Singapore:

To remove mosquitoes from your home or commercial area, Singapore mosquito control treatment is one of the essential steps you’ll have to take. Do not let the problem go unchecked because it can lead to a slew of other health issues, complicating your life.

Do not let those mosquitoes bother you anymore! Do not hesitate to start the treatment for mosquito pest control Singapore. Usually, it is done using two methods:

  • Mosquito fogging Singapore
  • Mosquito fumigation Singapore

Mosquito fogging Singapore:

Mosquito fogging Singapore is a technique that can be used in adverse situations regarding pests. When the adult mosquitos are in abundance and are causing an outbreak of the disease or have the potential of doing so, you can use this technique and cater to the problem with greater ease than the other pest control methods.

The handler of pesticides must be the expert in reducing any negative health impact on the user and everyone around. You do not have to defog the environment or clean everything around once the process is completed.

Mosquito fumigation Singapore:

Mosquito fumigation Singapore also requires fogging machine. The mixture used in the technique may vary in the process, but it has to be strong to help you eliminate mosquitos, insects, and other such problems.

If you have numerous mosquitos in your area and want to adopt mosquito prevention Singapore, you must call the ProServ Pest services, and we’ll help you analyze which of the treatment is essential for mosquito pest control Singapore.


What is the most used technique in mosquito pest control Singapore?

Usually, mosquito fogging Singapore is preferred over the fumigation technique. It is because of the higher negative effects of fumigation compared to fogging. However, you cannot choose one over the other without analyzing the actual situation you are dealing with.

What is the negative side of using mosquito fumigation Singapore?

The user is at a higher risk of developing cancer in their lifetime. The chances of developing cancer are also higher in individuals exposed to this mixture in any way.

Apart from it, the users must expect irritation in the eyes, dizzy head, and nausea during or after the technique has been fully exercised.

How does the liquid mixture convert into the fog?

A particular fogging machine is used to make fumes of the mixture and spread it like an actual fog. These particles settle in some time. They do not only kill mosquitos when they are suspended in the air but can also be effective when the particles settle on the ground.

Which technique is more effective, fogging or fumigation?

The fumigation technique can target a specific area where mosquito larvae are most likely to be found. It is also advised in cases when the adult mosquito is seen everywhere. The effectiveness of the technique depends upon the problem at hand. Fogging can cover a wider area as well.

Mosquito Breeding control services Singapore
Mosquito Breeding control services Singapore
Mosquito Breeding control services Singapore
Mosquito Control services
Mosquito Control services
Mosquito Control services

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