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Pests are used to refer to insects and wildlife when these animals had become troublesome and destructive, as a result of mankindís way of life and desire to have pest free environment. Man term any insects and wildlife that will be detrimental to mankindís way of life and well- being as pest even when the animal or insect left alone in its natural environment will be harmless (Bees easily comes to mind). Alternatively, a harmless fly that flew into a high class restaurant can cause damage to the reputation of the establishment and thus is deem as pest. We term animals and insects that destroy properties contaminate or damage stored products, attack man or animals and vectors of diseases as pests.
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What is Pest
Insects are remarkable group of animals. They occur almost everywhere and make up more than half of all living things on this planet. They play a significant role in the world of nature and affect man directly or indirectly in many ways. Most people look upon any forms of insects as undesirable pests, but we believe insects do more good than harm: insects pollinating services alone are worth billions of dollars worldwide, some provide products of commercial value (honey, beeswax, silk etc). However some are very destructive, some will damage or kill cultivated plants, they may damage or contaminate stored foods and other products and they may attack man or animals and bite, sting or act as vectors of diseases. In such cases, will these insects causing harm become pests.

Wildlife consists of many different groups of animals. Birds, snakes and squirrels are some of the animals classified as wildlife. They are not pests until they cross our paths and caused danger to mankind or other animals through physical harm or being carriers of diseases. Some animals easily comes to mind such as snakes and monitor lizards even though harmless if left alone are very often deem as pests because of stories relating to these animals attacking mankind or our pets. These animals more often than not simply defending themselves or their territorial areas and seeking food that caused such incidents to happen. Natural behaviours of these animals such as birds defecating on ledges causes damages and may carry diseases that caused these animals through their natural behaviour of seeking food, defence of territorial rights and physiological actions caused us to take action against these animals.

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