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In Singapore, there are estimated around 55 species of snakes with majority of them being non-venomous. Estimated there are as many as 55 species of snakes in Singapore and majority are non-venomous.

Effective Snake Control Treatment By ProServ Pest Control

  • Inspection of premises for presence of snake
  • Capture of snake alive with Snake handling equipment
  • Laying of sulphur flakes at perimeter
  • Recommendation structural improvements to minimize snake invasion
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Why should you aim for immediate snake removal Singapore?

You might have heard that not all snakes are dangerous, but you have no idea what you are dealing with as an ordinary individual. Even if the most poisonous snake in the world will get in front of you, you will not recognize it, especially when you are in a panic state.

So, the possible solution here is to call snake pest control. They are professionals in the field and can manage the situation very well.

What if you see the snake around you?

The first thing to note here is you should not panic. Snakes usually do not damage or harm humans unless they are threatened. So, the calmer you will be, the better message you will convey, and thus you will remain safe.

Once you have maintained your calm, look for any exits nearby and escape at the first possibility. Once you are out of danger, contact the snake pest control companies like Proserv Pest, and we’ll be there for you to catch the snake and take it away from your premises.

If you want information about the particular situation or need your area inspected, you can get in touch, and we’ll send our team to inspect the surroundings for snake removal Singapore.

Need help to get rid of snake infestations?

Snake Control Singapore, Snake Control SG

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