What Is The Bed Bug Treatment Cost In Singapore?

bed bug treatment

Homeowners are constantly curious about the bed bug treatment cost. Remember, no one can exactly tell you the total amount firsthand. It depends on several factors that collectively determine the cost of the process. The cleaning experts will first conduct a thorough survey and inspect your home. Then, after getting an understanding of the severity of the problem, they will let you know the charges for professional bed bugs control treatment service.

In this article, we will let you know the treatment cost, the factors on which it depends, and what steps you can follow to not let these pesky bloodsuckers invade your area.

What are bed bugs?

Bedbugs are small oval-shaped insects that survive by sucking the blood of humans and animals. The tiny brown-shaped insects are roughly the size of an apple seed but have become a growing concern for people over the past few years. They cause serious infections, itching, and redness. They are quite tough and resilient. An interesting fact about tiny insects is that they can survive for days without feeding.

Bed bugs also have the ability to hide quickly in tiny spaces. Moving quickly over the floor, walls, and ceiling, they can perfectly fit into tiny holes, mattresses, furniture frames, or any small space.

Signs and symptoms of bedbugs

Bedbugs are small creatures, but the process of exterminating them is very tiring and difficult. The wingless insects can multiply quickly and are known to cause severe skin allergies, reactions, and redness in most people. If you notice any dark, red, inflamed, and itchy spots on your body after waking up in the morning, then there is a high possibility that you have bedbugs at your place. Besides this, small yellow spots on your mattress and clothes can also give you a clear indication. Other signs include a bad musty odour coming out of their hiding area, especially the furniture holes, book piles, and walls.

Cost of Bed Bug treatment

Treatment for bed bugs can range in price from SGD$ 280 to SGD$ 980, depending on the severity of the infestation, size of the affected area, frequency of services, and type of treatment. Here are some aspects that will decide the overall cost of the bed bug treatment process.

The house's dimensions

The first factor in estimating the cost is the size of your property. Since bed bugs are really small and can easily squeeze into almost every corner and everything that has space, if they have invaded your whole area, then you should be prepared to pay extra. However, if you discover them earlier, you can probably save much of your money.

The extent of the problem

The treatment price also depends on the extent of the bed bug problem. The cleaning experts will first pay an initial visit to examine the overall condition and damage the insects have already caused. Aside from that, they will also advise you on the precautions you should take to prevent further spread.

The number of treatments

The next factor that comes on the list is the number of treatments. Depending on the issue's complexity, you may need to book the cleaning services more than once. A professional's experienced eye will give you a clear idea of the number of treatments you need to take to say goodbye to the bedbugs.

The type of treatment

Another factor that plays a vital role in determining the overall cost of the process is the type of treatment you seek. With different treatment methods available on the market, your cleaning expert will opt for the one that best suits your home. If you are allergic to chemicals, you can ask them to incorporate chemical-free and green solutions. But do keep in mind that this may increase the overall cost of the treatment process.

Some of the most commonly used treatments are;

  1. Vacuuming techniques
  2. Laundering method
  3. The thermal treatment technique
  4. Chemical treatment

Vacuuming Techniques

The first treatment technique that reduces the bed bug population is vacuuming. Your cleaning expert will likely use this technique if the bed bugs are contained in an area that can be easily cleaned or when the room is not too heavily infested. It involves the use of specially designed equipment that is equipped with a vacuum and filter. If you are somebody who experiences discomfort with harsh cleaning products, then this method will suit you the best.

Laundering method

In some cases, laundering becomes essential, especially when the bed bugs have reached all the corners of the room. Since bed bugs are extremely small and can easily squeeze into small holes, they hide in clothes, mattresses, curtains, and bedsheets. So, when the infestation has reached its height, your cleaning expert would suggest getting the laundry done. This means you will be required to get everything thoroughly washed and cleaned at a high temperature to eliminate the bug colony hiding deep inside.

The thermal treatment technique

The thermal treatment technique is used when bedbugs have travelled to all the home corners, becoming a threat to your comfort and peace of mind. This method involves using specialised heating equipment that assists in setting the home at high temperatures. The high heat treatment lasts about seven to eight hours, deeply removing all the bed bugs and their eggs.

Chemical treatment

Chemical treatments are one of the most effective ways of controlling the bed bug population. Depending on the treated area, the process is usually completed within 2 hours. Your cleaning expert will let you know the right chemical solution depending on the severity of the infestation. Before starting the chemical treatment, you need to tell the cleaning team if you are allergic to any of the chemicals being used.

Tips to prevent bed bugs

Cleaning up the infected area is one way of getting rid of bed bugs. But why not follow some easy steps to prevent these unwanted friends. Since bed bugs are small, they can easily travel with you to your home. Here are some recommendations to prevent bedbug buddies from invading your area.

Remove clutter

One of the best ways to avoid bedbug infestation is by not keeping items under your bed. When you remove all the mess from the floor, it automatically removes the breeding places of bedbugs. Besides this, if you ever store anything, utilize plastic containers as they are an excellent way to stop the spread of these insects.

Vacuum Regularly

The next tip is to vacuum clean regularly. This way, you can easily eliminate the wandering bed bugs control. Also, make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag instantly and put it in an outdoor trash can.

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