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About Mosquito
Mosquitoes are insects with mouthparts modified for piercing the skin and sucking blood (female only). They are distributed throughout the world from the tropics to the arctic regions. Eggs are laid in or near water (Fresh, brackish or stagnant depending on the species). The larval and pupal stages live in water, both moving actively in the water and frequently coming to the surface to breathe. Female mosquitoes need a blood meal before the laying of viable eggs.

Mosquitoes caused annoyance by their presence, to some people the bites causes irritation and swellings but most critically, mosquitoes cause diseases of man and animal which can be life- threatening. The three main type of Mosquito commonly found in tropical countries like ours are:

• Aedes Aegypti Mosquito
• Anopheles Mosquito
• Culex Mosquito
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Aedes Aegypti Mosquito
The Aedes is a large genus of mosquitoes. The main type found in Singapore is the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, it is the main transmitter of dengue fever, dengue haemorrhagic fever and the deadly yellow fever. The body is black with white spots and stripes on their legs.

It breeds in household containers such as vases, roof gutters, watering cans, tree holes, puddles and discarded containers around the house where rainwater collects. Eggs are laid above the water line and larvae normally hatching in 4 days. Aedes Aegypti may bite at any time of the day.

Anopheles Mosquito
Anopheles is a large genus of mosquitoes. Anopheles is the only insect capable of harbouring the human malaria parasite. The parasite also known as plasmodia are carried in the Anopheles mosquito salivary gland and enter into the body through the bloodstream when the mosquito bites, a single plasmodia is enough to kill a person. Malaria will strike up to half a billion people and at least a million will die although the vast majority of cases happen in Africa.

This species breeds mainly in ground seepage, streams, ponds and lakes. The eggs each with a “float” are laid singly on the surface of the water. Anopheles bites at dusk and just before dawn.

Culex Mosquito
The Culex is a large genus of mosquito. Besides giving irritating bites, they can transmit the disease called elephantiasis (the victim's limbs swell to a very huge size, resembling elephant limbs). It breeds in brackish water such as in blocked drains filled with litter, pools and tin cans etc. The eggs are laid in clusters without “floats”. Its biting habit is similar to Anopheles.

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