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About Ants
Ant (Formicidae) is a large and widely distributed group occurring everywhere, often in considerable numbers. Ant colonies vary greatly in size, from a dozen to many thousands of individuals. Most species nest in ground but many nest in natural cavities. Ant vary in habits, some are carnivorous, some are scavengers and some are plant feeders. Most ants will bite when disturbed and many will sting. A few can eject foul- smelling secretions from the anus.

They are pests because they can be found in all kinds of places, including garbage areas, hence they may carry pathogenic organism on their bodies. In this way, they transmit diseases and cause food poisoning and some ants inflict painful bites and stings. These are some of the commonly found types of ant:

Carpenter Ants - Camponotus
Fire Ant - Solenopsis
Pharaoh Ant - Monomorium Pharaonis
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Carpenter Ant (Camponotus)
A genus of large, conspicuous ants (workers 6-10mm long), brown black in colour. These are warm climates pests and as the name suggested, it attacked damp timbers where galleries are excavated in the wood for nesting, often producing extensive structural damages to properties. These galleries are distinguished from those of termites by the absence of debris and frass and the seemingly untouched surface of the invaded timber.

Fire Ant (Solenopsis)
A genus of small ants (workers 1.5- 6mm long), yellow brown to black depending on species. These are warm climates pests and the name suggested the painful bites and stings and sometimes severe reaction to their stings. Nests occurred outdoor in dry soil, usually with small craters on the surface, sometimes beneath stones and concrete, occasionally under and in the walls of properties. Fire ants travel in columns and enter properties in search of sweet foods, fats, nuts, cereal and meats.

Pharaoh Ant (Monomorium Pharaonis)
A genus of small ants (2mm) yellowish brown and almost transparent in colour. These are notorious indoor nuisance pests. A single seed colony can reproduce to populate a large office block in six months. Pharaoh ants have become major pests in hospitals, rest homes, apartment dwellings, hotels, grocery stores etc.

Nest usually occurs in wall voids, under floors, behind baseboards, in trash containers etc. They are often found foraging in drains, toilets, washbasins, bedpans and other unsanitary sites. They feed on a wide variety of foods including jellies, honey, butter, syrup soft drinks, dead insects and even shoe polish.

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